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SiriusXM Direct Adapter


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Product Description

Enjoy reduced static with this SiriusXM FM direct adapter, which provides a high-performance wired connection to your vehicle's radio, so you can listen to AM and FM stations when you turn off your Satellite Radio.

Tired of relying on your FM transmitter to send your Sirius satellite radio signal to your car stereo? Turn instead to this wired FM adapter, which provides a direct connection to produce a crisper overall sound. Unlike FM transmitters--which often suffer from static and interference, as with traditional FM stations--the FM adapter plugs directly into the rear of your factory or after-market stereo, thus requiring a bit of installation expertise. But once connected, you can tune to your favorite Sirius channels in seconds without searching for unused FM frequencies. More importantly, the signal will be clean and uninterrupted, with no pops or fizzes as you drive from one part of the city to another. The FM adapter, which works with all Sirius plug 'n' play and personal radios, includes plugs and wires for most installations, although antenna adapters may be required for select car stereos. It's also backed by a one-year warranty.

What's in the Box
Direct FM adapter, plugs and wires, user's manual.

  • Static-free audio connection for the Satellite Radio, hardwired directly into the vehicle's FM radio behind the dash.
  • Easily switch between Satellite Radio and regular FM radio with a touch of the Satellite Radio's power button.
  • Includes everything for most vehicle installations (antenna adapters may be required and are sold separately)
  • Compatible with all SIRIUS branded Dock & Play and Portable Radios. Also compatible with XM Dock & Play and Portable Radios with a PowerConnect Vehicle Kit as well as with the XM SkyDock.
  • Includes: FM Direct Adapter and user guide.
  • Static-free audio connection for your Satellite Radio, hardwired directly into your vehicle's FM radio behind the dash.
  • Easily switch between Satellite Radio and regular FM Radio with a touch of your Satellite Radio's power button.

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