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GE Grounded Adapter-Spaced Six-Outlet Tap


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Product Description

Add a tap or adaptor to your receptacle to make more outlets or proper fits for your products. Jasco's GE brand taps and adaptors are made in various designs to meet your needs when adapting outlets or adding extra outlets to your current receptacles.

From the Manufacturer

Grounded 6-Outlet Tap is ideal for home offices and home theaters.

  • 6 Outlets
  • 3 Transformer-spaced Outlets
  • Transformer Ready
  • Ideal For Home Offices; Home Theaters
  • Designed To Cover Only An Existing Grounding Duplex Wall Outlet
  • Easy-to-install six-outlet tap coverts two grounded outlets into six
  • Unique, space-saving design accepts three adapters and three standard plugs

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