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JJ Keller Driver's Daily Log Book 8527/601L Monthly Log Summary Set 10


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Driver's Daily Log Book 8527/601L: Driver's Daily Log Book with 2-ply carbonless with recap. 31 sets of forms per book. Includes record of duty status regulations on the inside back cover to simplify log completion.Monthly summary sheet and 7- and 8-day recap help drivers quickly determine hours available.Helps satisfy the duty status requirements of 49 CFR Section 395.8


  • Regulations & Instructions
  • Includes Monthly Log Summary
  • Includes Record of Duty Status Regulations
  • Include a daily recap and simplified DVIR
  • Book format, 31 sets of forms per book
  • 7 and 8-Day Recap
  • Carbonless Loose Leaf Inspection Book
  • Standard Format for DOT Compliance
  • Premium Duplicates - No Carbons
  • Great for Semi Truck Drivers
  • Easy to use and Organize
  • Use your smartphone
  • Pennies Per Day
  • 10 minute install