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One Channel Plus Digital Video Modulator (Single Source) MPT5415

Channel Plus

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Digital Modulator (Single Source): The Model 5415 One-Channel Video Modulator has the same output power as the rest of the 5400 series, but it is a quarter of the size. Video and stereo audio inputs are modulated to a programmable TV channel (stereo audio is converted to monaural audio after modulation). The Model 5415 modulator offers video loop-through. A jumper on the Model 5415 terminates the video input at 75 ohms. When the jumper is removed, the input can be looped using a "Y" adapter to feed the video to a local monitor or VCR.

Digital Modulator Features:

  • Full 25dB of output
  • Frequency-agile tuning
  • Source loop thru with the use of the 2743 Cable Set
  • Digital tuning range
  • UHF channels 14 - 64
  • CATV channels 65 - 125
  • Single source
  • 5415 Digital Modulator (Single Source)