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Rand McNally 5" Touchscreen with Lifetime Maps, Traffic & WiFi Connected Service

Rand McNally

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5" GPS Navigation ELD WiFi Connected Service : The TND 540 has been redesigned inside and out with upgraded features to help streamline the daily drive--and your business. With a more powerful system--consisting of a quad core processor and twice the storage space--and smarter features, TND 540 offers: seamless, over-the-air map updates; simplified icons for easier at-a-glance recognition; higher resolution screen and brighter display; and audio capability, enabling drivers to route their device sound through their truck audio systems.

Wi-Fi Connected Services

  • Weather — Show current conditions and forecast, or choose from 10 different map overlays, including precipitation and wind speed
  • Fuel prices — View fuel prices on the map, or search by price, fuel type, or brand
  • Local search — Find local businesses, restaurants, and more by name or keyword
  • Lifetime Traffic Everywhere – Get traffic information, even in rural areas

Enhanced Features

  • Wi-Fi connected services: weather, fuel prices, local search, lifetime traffic everywhere
  • Enhanced routing features: Route comparison, warnings, fuel log, junction view with lane assist, exits quick view
  • Fast, quad-core processor for lightning quick updates
  • Updated maps, POIs, and map design with easy-to-read icons
  • Trusted GPS Navigation for Trucks
  • GPS Navigation for Commercial Truckers with an Overhauled Design
  • Updated User Interface and Software Running On a Faster Processor
  • All New Attractive Low Profile Design
  • Fast Quad-Core Processor with Smoother Graphics
  • Updated Map Appearance and Point Addressing for Greater Accuracy
  • Choose Truck or Car Mode
  • Updated Maps and Truck POIs for U.S. and Canada
  • Compatible with DriverConnect Electronic Log-Book
  • WiFi for Over-the-Air Map Updates AUX-In

Truck Tools

  • Truck Info - Truck-specific routing based on your truck's height, width, and length and load type
  • Timers & Mileage - Record your fuel and mileage for tax reporting purposes. View by date or by state/province
  • Virtual Dashboard — Easily access key metrics to monitor progress and productivity, such as sunrise and sunset time, trip progress, and yard time; keep track of mileage with multiple odometers
  • Multi-stop routing — Add up to 50 stops and preview the entire route; optimize routing for up to 10 stops
  • Bread-crumb trails — Record and display the paths you've traveled, on or off roads
  • Calendar and notepad

Truck Content

  • Customizable map display - Select and display specific POIs, address book icons and color
  • Millions of POI listings — Detailed information on truck stops, weigh stations, service and repair
  • Select services — Filter search results for truck stops and service locations by the amenities available
  • Junction view with lane assist — 3-D display with lane guidance for managing complex interchanges
  • Exits Quick View — Display amenities at upcoming exits
  • Mile markers — Display along your route and use to mark important locations
  • Advanced lane guidance and junction views
  • Rand McNally’s proprietary truck data derived from more than 70 years in the commercial transportation industry