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Rand McNally GPS Truck-Specific IntelliRoute with 5" Widescreen Display TND525

Rand McNally

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Truck-Specific Routing: The Rand McNally TND525 comes with an expanded range of Wi-Fi connected services, such as weather and fuel prices. The device has a 5" wide screen that comes with a faster processor, new interface options and improved maps. The GPS features fuel and mileage logs, driving timers and provides customizable warnings and alerts.The IntelliRoute TND 525 offers advanced lane guidance to be prepared for an approaching turn or heading through a complicated intersection. This GPS comprises 35% more truck routing information than other GPS units and incorporates hours of testing by truck drivers.


  • Our Most Basic Truck GPS Device with a 5 Screen
  • New Hardware Faster Processor New Interface Options Improved Maps
  • Advanced Lane Guidance,Be prepared, whether you're approaching a turn or heading through a complicated intersection
  • Toll Costs View Estimated Toll Costs and Compare Routes without Tolls
  • Fuel Logs Including Fuel Economy
  • Mileage Logs and Driving Timers
  • Route Comparison
  • Mile Markers and Exit Information
  • Travel Centers with Searchable Amenities
  • Customizable Warnings and Alerts

Truck Content

  • 35% more truck routing information than other GPS unit
  • Exits Quick View – Display amenities at upcoming exits
  • Mile markers – Display along your route and use to mark important locations
  • Cross-references to Rand McNally's printed Motor Carriers' Road Atlas
  • Millions of POI listings-Detailed information on truck stops, weigh stations, service and repair
  • Select services -Filter search results for truck stops and service locations by the amenities available
  • Junction view with lane assist, 3-D display with lane guidance for managing complex interchanges
  • Rand McNally's proprietary truck data derived from more than 70 years in the commercial transportation industry

Routing and Tools

  • Advanced lane guidance – Be prepared for what's ahead, whether you're approaching a turn or heading through a complicated intersection
  • Toll costs – View estimated toll costs and compare routes without tolls
  • Avoid list – Avoid entire route, road, or area
  • Route comparison – Choose between a primary and alternate route
  • Fuel log – Track fuel purchases by date and by state; calculate current and average fuel economy
  • Team driving support – Keep timers and mileage separately for two team members
  • Quick Planner – Calculate mileage and profitability between any two cities or towns
  • Warnings – Set warnings for upcoming speed limit changes, sharp curves, and more; set display preferences and warning distance
  • Destination entry – Find by address, zip code, or latitude and longitude
  • Timers – Keep on-duty and driving timers