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Screaming Meanie 110 Alarm Timer Assorted Colors with Panic Button Beacon TZ-120

Screaming Meanie

  • 2699

Screaming Meanie 110 Alarm Timer: For 20 years, Screaming Meanie has been easily the most effective travel alarm timer on the market. No other alarm timer can awaken even the deepest sleepers as reliably as Screaming Meanie can. You will be shocked at the volume level of our alarm. Not even Sleeping Beauty could sleep through the extremely loud alarm noise. Housed inside a nearly indestructible case, powered only by a 9 volt battery, the Screaming Meanie cuts through even the loudest ambient noise. Others have attempted to copy us, but our unique technology can only be found in a genuine Screaming Meanie. When you absolutely must wake up on time, this is the best alarm clock on the market.


  • Emergency Alert and Glows in the Dark
  • Panic Button Beacon
  • Assorted Colors
  • Uses One 9-Volt Battery
  • Extremely Loud Alarm Multi- Purpose Alarm Clock and Countdown Timer (120dB)